Daynna Hartjes - Founder of A Daynna Life

About the Blog

Oh, why hello there, new friend! My name is Daynna Hartjes. Welcome to "A Daynna Life" (Get it? Like "a day in the life" but with my name?! Lol, I'll see myself out). I'm a recent university graduate in her early 20s and am currently in the midst of trying to figure out this whole "adulting" thing.

Daynna Hartjes - Founder of A Daynna Life

I just want to get very real with you all. Although exciting and rewarding, adulting has proven to have its challenges! I've created this platform for millennial women to share in all of the cheerful and challenging moments of being a 20-something. Whether you're looking for ways to advance your career, relationship advice, tips for staying organized and productive, wellness tips, or you want help in your entrepreneurial endeavours, my hope is to provide helpful insight with stories, experiences, and advice that you can relate to and implement in your own journey into adulthood. Let's join together to figure out what the real world is all about!


Content areas include:

  • Career advice
  • Relationship advice
  • Health and wellness (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc.)
  • Organization and productivity tips
  • Helpful tips for financial success
  • Entrepreneurial tips (including blogging)

Daynna Hartjes - Founder of A Daynna Life

All content is created with the millennial woman in mind. Specifically, the millennial woman navigating young adulthood with an ambitious mind and passionate soul. This woman is chasing well-rounded success in all areas of her life, but perhaps she's not quite sure where to begin or what steps to take next. She has a vision in her mind for where she wants her life to go, she just needs some support getting there. And don't we all? That, my friend, is what we're here for.

A Daynna Life inspires passionate and driven millennial women to achieve success in all areas of life, whatever success means for them. It's about being the best version of yourself and always striving for personal growth. After all, there's so much out there that you can achieve if you know how to reach out and make it happen!

About the Girl Behind the Blog

Daynna Hartjes - Founder of A Daynna Life

I graduated with an honours bachelor of music therapy and minor in psychology in June 2016. Since leaving school, I've learned a lot about myself and how I navigate the world. I still struggle from time to time, but I think that just comes with the territory of being a 20-something. My greatest values in life are the close relationships I have, my ambition to achieve success, and my passion for the projects I take on. As a human, I'm way too obsessed with Starbucks and I frequently laugh at my own jokes. I love the colour pink (can you tell?). What can I say? I'm #basic.

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