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Budget-Friendly Gift Guide for Her - A Daynna LifeOkay, so you’re out holiday shopping or browsing online for ideas. You want to get the badass babes in your life something awesome. But here’s the catch: you’re on a super strict budget. We’ve all been there, friend. Holiday shopping can be extremely stressful, and not having tons of money to spend can make things difficult. We also know that it’s the thought that counts in these gifts, so here are some fantastic thoughtful gift ideas for the lovely ladies in your life that won’t break the bank!

For the Makeup Maven

Budget-Friendly Gift Guide for Her - A Daynna LifeIf the woman you’re shopping for wears makeup, she will love these picks. As a makeup-loving lady myself, one of my favourite parts of the holiday season is walking into Sephora and browsing all of the value sets that each brand has released for the holidays. Value sets are amazing because you get a generous amount of product for what you’re paying, and usually the regular retail price to buy each item in the pack separately would be a crazy amount more expensive. If you’re looking for a high value present that she’ll love, then this one is for you! Here are the makeup recommendations that I’m lusting over this holiday season!

Under $100

Under $50

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For the Pampering Queen

Budget-Friendly Gift Guide for Her - A Daynna LifeWhat girl doesn’t love the spa and being 100% pampered? Bring the spa to her with one of these fabulous recommendations! From skincare to general wellness, there is so much out there to indulge the special women in your life! Here are my recommendations (I could definitely use some of these right now)!

Under $100

Under $50

For the Value-Loving Vixen

Budget-Friendly Gift Guide for Her - A Daynna LifeI’m beyond excited to be a #FabFitFunPartner and have the opportunity to bring this incredible gift opportunity into this gift guide! If you don’t know, FabFitFun is a seasonal subscription box containing full-sized beauty, fashion, lifestyle, health, wellness, fitness, and decor items hand-picked for that season’s box! Let me tell you guys, the winter box looks incredible. The photo above is a teaser for what you might expect to receive this season, FYI! Mine will be arriving early December and I’m so excited to receive it! Everything in the box collectively has a retail value of $200, but you’re getting it for $49.99 (plus 10% off with the coupon code, more on that in a minute!).

The thing I love about the FabFitFun box as a gift idea is that it has an insane value for what you’re paying. If you were to go out and buy everything that comes in the box individually at a retail store, you would most likely be spending over four times what you pay for the box. Who doesn’t want to save over 75% and get something that’s incredibly special and customizable? Why choose one gift when you can get so much more for a similar price? I know a number of people who are gifting FabFitFun boxes this year, and I know the ladies receiving them are going to love it! Or, treat yo self and get a box for you – no shame in that (it’s totally what I did hahaha). Use the code SANTABABY at checkout to receive 10% off! Click here to order your FabFitFun Winter Box!

For the Cozy Cuddler

Budget-Friendly Gift Guide for Her - A Daynna LifeFact: Us ladies are always cold. Okay, maybe that’s not 100% true for everyone, but who doesn’t love things that make you feel like you’re getting a nice warm hug? Also, shout out to my fellow Canadians, how necessary are cozy items in the dead of winter for us? Exactly, point proven. Here are some of my favourite recommendations to get the ladies in your life all warmed up!

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Under $100

Under $50

For the Fashionista

Budget-Friendly Gift Guide for Her - A Daynna LifeThere’s so much more to fashion than throwing on a gorgeous pair of heels and calling it a day. Fashion has always been about expressing yourself, and what better way to make a statement than by wearing something fabulous that speaks to you? If you have a fabulous fashionista to shop for on a budget, here are some of my top picks for the season!

Under $100

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Under $50

For the Stationery Sweetheart

Yearly view Day in the Life Planner 2018You know I had to throw it in here, because if the lady boss you’re shopping for loves stationery then she’ll love the Day in the Life Planner! It’s a 12-month printable PDF planner focusing on integrating the planning, implementation, and achieving of your yearly goals into your everyday routine. It’s perfect for entrepreneurs, career women, or college ladies looking to take control of their lives in the next year and is available for only $25 CAD ($20 USD). Learn more about it here!

Here are some suggested accessories to complement the Day in the Life Planner (these are great for other planners as well):

The Takeaway

So there you have it! This is a very different post from what I normally do but I’m excited to share some gift shopping suggestions for the ladies for those of you on a budget! Did I miss any of your favourites? What are you hoping for this holiday season? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. These are some great gift ideas that you have for the holidays. I am sure that my daughter would love at least a few of these. Still trying to figure out the big gift for her. Thanks for the great ideas.

  2. I love how you set this up! I always struggle to find gifts for the holidays. Some people are naturally creative and great at giving gifts, but I just am not! This gift guide is super helpful

  3. I have never tried Fit Fab Fun as a subscription box but the picture looked great. I loved the sound of the throw and I am looking for a new planner next year I will have to check that one out. Thanks for this guide I liked it. You can run thru all your money this time of year so this was nice

  4. Loving how you divided this in different categories. I’ll be saving this for later, found some great ideas for a Christmas present for my little sister 🙂 love love love that these are on the budget ones!

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