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Guest Post: 7 Savvy Ways to Incorporate Oversized Kitchen Appliances Into Your Decor

A habit of collecting the latest kitchen gadget that will change your life is the trademark of anyone with a serious passion for cooking. Unfortunately, the trademark of any big-city apartment is a tiny kitchen. What’s a zoodle-loving girl with a penchant for baking brownies to do? If you’ve just moved into your new place […] Read more…

Guest post - The must-have list of workplace fashion for millennial women - A Daynna Life

Guest Post: The Must-Have List of Workplace Fashion for Millennial Women

Say what you will about millennials, but they sure seem to be pushing for some exciting changes in the world around them. We’re breaking down outdated social constructs, changing beliefs, and having fun with our fashion more than any other generation. Looking good at the office is still very important, but now we are redefining […] Read more…