Friends, exciting times are among us! I have an extremely exciting announcement that I’ve been wanting to tell you all about for a while, and I finally can! Drum roll please…

I am now a contributing writer on another platform!!!

This is huge, you guys! I just started my blog a month and a half ago. Who knew it would lead me to such an exciting opportunity so early on? The platform I am writing for is called Sweet Success Society, and I am one of five contributing writers (including the founder, Erin Lane) on this empowering and insightful blog for millennial women.

About Sweet Success Society

The purpose of Sweet Success Society is to help success-driven millennial women to find passion and purpose in their lives and achieve their highest potential of success. It’s a community for like-minded women to come together for an incredible support system of other girl bosses. It is an insightful but lighthearted place to talk about all things relating to millennial women (including those topics that people don’t normally talk openly about, hehe). You can read the official announcement here, and be sure to check out the other awesome content that my fellow contributors have been posting this week! I have my first post coming out tomorrow (Wednesday) so stay tuned for that and make sure you subscribe to their email list so not to miss it (and for exciting freebies woo!). You can also learn about all of us on the team here!

What’s Happening with A Daynna Life?

Of course I will still be working just as hard on my own personal blog! This blog will remain a priority and I will continue to post content here as well as on Sweet Success Society (with different content obviously, so if you want to hear from me more often you need to be following and subscribed to both platforms!). By contributing to an established blog and working with people who really know what they’re doing in the blogging world, I will be able to learn exciting new ways to make my own content here even better for you! I’m incredibly excited about this opportunity to broaden my horizons and learn as much as I can while working with an incredible group of women. I hope that you are as excited as I am!

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