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Introducing the all new 2018 Day in the Life Planner, a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly agenda with more than just your average scheduling sheets that you find in every other planner. In addition to the multiple scheduling layouts designed with the lover of "to-do lists" in mind, the Day in the Life Planner's primary focus is to assist you in setting, implementing, and achieving your SMARTest goals over the span of one year. Do you have trouble holding yourself accountable when taking steps towards your wildest dreams? Are you feeling stuck in the getting started phase of pursuing your biggest goals? Don't worry, because that's where the Day in the Life Planner comes in!

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Taking the leap of faith into entrepreneurship - A Daynna Life

Taking the Leap of Faith Into Entrepreneurship: Why I Finally Decided to Go Full-Time with My Blog

Wow, this is big stuff, you guys! If you follow me on Instagram (do so if you’re not already), you may have saw my announcement that I’m officially a full-time blogger! Yes, you read that right. I dropped out of college to pursue A Daynna Life full-time. Am I crazy? Of course, but that has […] Read more…

Attendance is an Outdated Concept that Needs to be Abolished by Society: The Entitled Millennial Monologues

Your classic “entitled millennial” post. Older generations are actually laughing in my face as they read this I’m sure. I’ve been searching Google for someone who agrees with me on this and have come up short. Obviously we’re talking about office type jobs here. I can absolutely see how attendance is important in a customer […] Read more…

Withdrawal is a bitch: The horrifying truth about what it's really like to stop taking anti-depressants - A Daynna Life

Withdrawal is a Bitch: The Horrifying Truth About What It’s Really Like to Stop Taking Anti-Depressants

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by any of the following symptoms: Intense mood swings Irritability Suicidal thoughts Frequent crying spells Frequent rage spells Brain zaps Nausea Dizziness Light-headedness Migraines Great, now raise your hand if you’ve ever experienced all of these at once. Yeah, withdrawal is an absolute bitch, to say […] Read more…

Guest post - The must-have list of workplace fashion for millennial women - A Daynna Life

Guest Post: The Must-Have List of Workplace Fashion for Millennial Women

Say what you will about millennials, but they sure seem to be pushing for some exciting changes in the world around them. We’re breaking down outdated social constructs, changing beliefs, and having fun with our fashion more than any other generation. Looking good at the office is still very important, but now we are redefining […] Read more…