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Stick around and I'll help you take on adulthood and become the best version of yourself all while carving out your own path in life. I'm passionate about helping ambitious, entrepreneurial spirits develop the mindset, skills, and strength to grow and become successful - whatever that may mean for them!

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Who Am I?

My name's Daynna - I was born and raised in Ontario, Canada, have dreams to acquire as many pomeranians as I possibly can fit in my house, and am 100% addicted to Starbucks. More importantly though, I'm a multi-business entrepreneur, recovering perfectionist, quarter-life crisis survivor, and "adulting pro" (some days lol). I'm here to share with you the good, the bad, and the ugly of how I got here... how I've finally started making money blogging, how I've shifted my mindset to create a more positive lifestyle, how I'm flourishing in my business and my personal life and have finally learned to be happy where I'm at, and SO. MUCH. MORE. My mission is to give you the skills to be successful not only as an entrepreneur, but as a human being!

Transitioning into adulthood has by far been the most difficult experience of my entire life. It's taken me about two years to get to the point where I feel like I'm finally starting to get it, and the road has not been a smooth one. Since leaving university, I've switched career paths about five times, had numerous mental breakdowns, battled with anxiety and coming off of medication, and put a lot of stress on myself and my loved ones. Not to mention being a highly emotionally charged person while trying to get started as an entrepreneur (lots of both laughter and tears have occurred throughout the process lol).

I originally started A Daynna Life as an outlet to connect with other millennial women who were going through similar experiences as they left school and transitioned into full-blown "adulting". That being said, I'm thrilled at how things have evolved as I've evolved and am excited to see how this platform will continue to grow!

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