A Daynna Life

How to Supercharge Your Girl Boss Mindset

Lately it feels like terms such as “girl boss”, “lady boss” and “boss babe” have taken the world by storm. As a blogger focusing on the empowerment of women, I feel connected to these phrases. My (basically) “sister-in-law” just gave me a gorgeous light up sign for my birthday that says #GIRLBOSS and I absolutely […] Read more…

Taking the leap of faith into entrepreneurship - A Daynna Life

Taking the Leap of Faith Into Entrepreneurship: Why I Finally Decided to Go Full-Time with My Blog

Wow, this is big stuff, you guys! If you follow me on Instagram (do so if you’re not already), you may have saw my announcement that I’m officially a full-time blogger! Yes, you read that right. I dropped out of college to pursue A Daynna Life full-time. Am I crazy? Of course, but that has […] Read more…

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