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As many of you already know, I have recently experienced a lot of change in my life. I recently quit my music therapy internship in pursuit of exploring further career options. I’m currently in the process of trying to decide what’s next and applying for jobs. While I would absolutely love to blog full-time, I currently don’t make enough income for that to be realistic. While I have been working hard to change this, I do need another source of income in the meantime.

One thing I do know is that I don’t want to do anything related to music therapy. I am looking to completely change the direction that my life is going in. After making a major decision to leave my internship, I’m not looking to go back. The tricky thing about this when looking for jobs is that employers are seeking a different set of skills in a business setting than I’ve developed in my previous clinical settings. While I can highlight a number of relevant transferable skills that I’ve acquired, there are often specific and necessary skills that I don’t have.

So what can be done in that situation? Obviously I don’t want to do another entire bachelor’s degree. Even if I did, there’s a waiting process. How can I acquire the skills needed in the workplace as quickly and efficiently as possible?A millennial's guide to jumpstarting your career: How to ensure you have the necessary skills for the job

You may have heard of a site called lynda.com; a lot of bloggers and YouTubers have talked about it in their content. Now why is everyone talking about this, you might ask? BECAUSE IT’S GENIUS. If you don’t already know, lynda.com is an online learning platform that is parented by LinkedIn that hosts content for teaching skills in business, technology, software, and creative sectors. The platform can be used by individuals as well as groups, for both personal and professional development. So whether you’re wanting to learn how to photograph beautiful pictures for your own interest or you need to learn html coding for your corporate company, this platform can be of great value to anyone! You can read more about it here.

For myself, I have been taking advantage of the free trial that lynda.com offers new members, and am absolutely planning on purchasing the full membership. I have easily found
great content that has helped me both in my professional development and my blog. From what I’ve seen, the teachers on this platform go above and beyond in their video tutorials to ensure high quality education that is easy enough to understand for beginners like myself. There are videos on everything from business development to tutorials on how to use different softwares, such as Adobe Photoshop.

I love that they offer a free trial for people to try it out risk free to see if it is worth the investment. Honestly, why wouldn’t you take advantage of that?! My one recommendation is to figure out a schedule to get the most content out of that time. If you work full time during the week but are completely free on weekends, maybe try to schedule it so that you have as many free days within that 10 day trial as possible!

Being in my current situation of switching career paths, lynda.com has been an incredible way for me to ensure I have the skills to qualify for the jobs I want! Whether or not you’re in a transition phase in your life, I think lynda.com is a hugely valuable resource to have at your finger tips. It gives you access to unlimited knowledge and learning opportunities. Teach yourself how to use that camera you’ve been avoiding for two years! Learn how to edit videos to put onto YouTube! Gain knowledge of a skill that will put you ahead of the competition in the job market! Honestly, isn’t learning what life is all about?Free resource library - A Daynna Life

Now tell me in the comments: what is one skill that you would love to learn, personal or professional? Have you tried to learn it? If no, why not? If yes, tell me about your process. And if you haven’t already, check out my previous post, Dear Past Self: An Open Letter to My Past Self, where I wrote a somewhat intimate letter to a younger version of myself in a recap of my life up until this point! Finally, be sure to get access to the free resource library, where I post resources to help you in your adulting journey!

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  1. I love lynda.com. i started taking some basic html coding but needed to swotch paths for work and am now looking at a wordpress advanced course. I am so glad you are taking advantage of this

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