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Email Marketing Services

Disclaimer: All prices listed on this page represent the Canadian dollar, meaning for US clients the USD price will be approximately 20% lower. I understand that everyone's financial situation is different and am willing to work with you to negotiate a price and strategy that fits your budget. I promise to only have your company's best interest in mind when developing strategies and never oversell on anything I don't feel your company would truly benefit from. Please note I am currently only taking on clients residing in Canada or the United States.

Email marketing services - A Daynna LifeDid you know that your business' email list is the greatest indication of its most loyal customer base? Despite social media growing as fast as it has, email newsletters have proven time and time again to have a higher conversion to sales rate. In the online world, the customers most likely to buy from you are those who have signed up for your email list. They have gone out of their way to sign up for your newsletters and want to hear more from you. They want to learn more about your deals, your products, and your business! 

Don't have a clue where to start with email marketing? I'm offering both set up and implementation packages to help you engage with for most loyal customers in a value-packed way. You can choose to pay the one time setup fee. If you want further assistance, billing will take place per newsletter or hourly for tasks not related to content creation.

Initial Setup Package

I am offering the following setup package to get you started on your business' email marketing journey. The one time fee for this package is $300. Please use the contact form below to get in touch about getting started.

  • Set up MailChimp (or other service provider) account
  • Set up sign up forms on your website and social media (if applicable)
  • Create email list
  • Curate welcome email and set to automation (subscribers will automatically receive this email immediately after signing up for your email list)
  • Set up campaign templates

Email Newsletter Management

Okay, so you're all set up for email marketing. Maybe you just don't have the time to create regularly scheduled newsletters with high quality content. Because I'm aware of how important consistency and quality are when it comes to email marketing, I am offering email marketing services priced per newsletter starting at $50. For other email management services, the regular hourly rate will apply. Please use the contact form below to get in touch about getting started.