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Social Media Services

Disclaimer: All prices listed on this page represent the Canadian dollar, meaning for US clients the USD price will be approximately 20% lower. I understand that everyone's financial situation is different and am willing to work with you to negotiate a price and strategy that fits your budget. I promise to only have your company's best interest in mind when developing strategies and never oversell on anything I don't feel your company would truly benefit from. Please note I am currently only taking on clients residing in Canada or the United States.

Social Media Management

Social media managementYou know that social media is essential to your business plan, but you don't really have any idea how to implement it. With my social media management services, you don't need to worry about scheduling an optimal number of posts each day to your social media. I will take care of all of the general management of your online social media profiles for business! Choose from one of the service bundles below or customize your experience by picking and choosing services a la carte.

Choose a Bundle

A service bundle is a group of cohesive services that will give you the highest value for a discounted rate. The following social media management service bundles are available:

Bronze Package - $500 per month

  • 2 Facebook posts per day (1 promotional, 1 engagement-boosting)
  • 3 Twitter posts per day
  • 1 Instagram post per day
  • All posts on an optimized schedule
  • (If determined to not be using one of those social media platforms, those posts will be converted to another platform)

Silver Package *BEST VALUE* - $1000 per month

  • All bronze features, plus...
  • 1 additional Facebook post per day
  • 3 additional Twitter posts per day
  • 2 Instagram posts per day
  • Engage and respond to customer comments/inquiries

Gold Package - $2000 per month

  • All bronze and silver features, plus...
  • Ability to boost/promote posts (cost of boosting not included)
  • Optimal Instagram hashtag research
  • Social media networking

Choose A La Carte

  • Post regular content to your social media platforms - $3-7 per post
  • Create an optimized schedule for posting - additional $0.50 per scheduled post
  • Engage with followers by responding to comments and inquiries - $10 per day
  • Social media networking (participate in Facebook groups, comment on relevant posts, etc.) - $15 per day
  • Set up boosted/promoted posts (gets your content in front of a larger audience than just your following) - $5 per post plus cost of boosting/promoting
  • Set up Facebook ads (targeted audience reach to get more of the customers you actually want) - $35 per ad plus cost of advertisement
  • Instagram layout plan (cohesive and on-brand pages perform better than non-planned pages) - $12 per 9 squares
  • Optimal Instagram hashtag research - $20 per hour

Social Media Consulting

Social media consultingDo you want to remain in control of your social media platforms but need some help getting started? Your best option may be to go with a social media consultation. This will help you best understand what you need to be doing on any or all social media platforms and allow you to get setup without all of the hassle. 

A social media consultation will include the following:

  • In-depth analysis of who your target market is and where and how to reach them on social media
  • Development of a social media strategy based on your unique business plan
  • Set up of business accounts for all relevant social media platforms
  • Detailed instructions about exactly what you need to do to use your social media platforms to their fullest potential

The regular price for a consult such as this is around $800. I am offering an end of year special for only $500 for first time consults! Please use the contact form below to book your consultation.