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How to Supercharge Your Pinterest Game with Tailwind - A Daynna LifeSocial media management has never been easier, you guys. I’m not even kidding, this has saved me hours per day of trying to manually pin articles on Pinterest! I was coming across spammy because I was pinning the same images to multiple boards at the same time. Without a scheduler, the only way I had of avoiding this was to pin a few images in between each re-pin of one of my blog posts to different boards. I don’t exaggerate when I say I was spending close to three hours on Pinterest every time I had a new blog post up. But not anymore, my friends. Not anymore!

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What is Tailwind?

For those of you who don’t know, Tailwind is a scheduling app for Pinterest and Instagram users to both schedule and optimize posts. It is 100% approved by both platforms, so there’s no concern about getting in trouble for using it. It has some really great features for both platforms with a generous free trial!

To be completely honest, I was skeptical about Tailwind in the beginning. Not because I didn’t think it would help to grow my engagement, but because I was unsure that spending money to schedule my social media posts was worth it. After almost a year of using it, I can honestly say that yes, it was so worth it! Not only have I saved a ton of time, but my Pinterest following and engagement has increased substantially! Before using Tailwind, Pinterest wasn’t a top traffic referral to my website. Now, it’s number one! I’m currently using Tailwind solely for Pinterest. I have used Tailwind for Instagram in the past and found things I loved as well as things I didn’t, which we’ll get into.

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Tailwind for Pinterest

As I said before, Pinterest drives the highest volume of traffic to my website. Tailwind has absolutely had something to do with this! I went from spending about three hours on Pinterest and being somewhat spammy with my pinning strategy to spending a few minutes each day scheduling pins in advance with Tailwind. I can schedule an entire week’s worth of pins in just a couple of hours! My following has grown from around 50 to almost 750 from the time I started my free trial until now. I don’t know about you, but to me that feels like insane growth!

Efficient Scheduling

Because I’ve freed up some of my time spent on Pinterest, I’m now able to reach a much larger audience in an optimized way. With Tailwind, you can schedule a single pin to multiple boards at once (that includes group boards, you guys!) using a time interval to spread each pin out (I typically schedule my pins a day apart and optimize the time to reach a larger audience). I love how easy this feature is to use, and it’s made my life so much easier when trying to pin my articles to a variety of boards. Because everything is scheduled out ahead of time, I now have time to spend creating high quality content, working on my brand, and living my life!

But how many pins can you schedule in a day? And what if I want to schedule things for a specific time? Friends, have no fear! Tailwind makes this super easy. Their user-friendly scheduler allows you to customize your pinning schedule to fit your own needs and preferences. You can pin as many times as you want per day at absolutely any time. They even have a feature that shows you the optimum times for pinning based on when your followers are on Pinterest.

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User-Friendly Analytics

Another great thing about Tailwind is its analytics features. Tailwind has the ability to show you which of your pins and boards are performing the best, the number of weekly domain pins (including repins of them from other users), your follower analytics, your virality score, and your engagement score, all in comparison to your averages. Those are just a few cool analytics features that Tailwind offers, but it absolutely doesn’t stop there. Sometimes tracking analytics can get hella confusing, so I love that Tailwind’s analytics are super easy to understand!

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Tailwind Tribes

Another great free feature of Tailwind is Tailwind tribes. I just started using tribes a few months ago and have loved it so far. One of my favourite things about tribes is being able to see how your pins are performing in each tribe (you can join up to five at a time). This has helped me narrow down which tribes my pins are performing well in so that I can focus on pinning there. Plus, they provide you with a ton of great content from other bloggers to repin (because sometimes looking for high quality content can be a struggle).

Generous Free Trial

Something that I found incredibly helpful in my decision to try Tailwind was the fact that they have an incredibly generous free trial. This is amazing because you can try it out to see if it’s a good fit for you at no cost. If you don’t like it, you don’t need to upgrade your plan. Simple as that! The free trial allows you to schedule 100 pins all while receiving the benefits of the paid membership, including analytics and interval scheduling. I will warn you though, when I did the free trial, I had no intention of upgrading my plan once I ran out of pins. I was converted!

Tailwind for Instagram

I completed the free trial of Tailwind for Instagram and decided not to upgrade for now. It has some really cool features, particularly when it comes to their hashtag finder. As many of you know, Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm and recent shadow banning ventures have made it increasingly difficult for online influencers to reach larger audiences. We all know that there are tons of different apps and websites for scheduling Instagram posts, many of which are free, but do they have an optimized hashtag finder? (and if they do, holy guacamole, let me know about it!).

Tailwind’s Instagram hashtag finder assists you in finding the best hashtags to gain optimum engagement. Now, if I’m being honest, I’m absolutely no expert on this or how it works. I did notice some improvement while I was using it and loved the hashtag finder, but it didn’t make enough of a difference for me to upgrade to the premium version.

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Something else I didn’t love was that the app can’t post to Instagram directly. How it works is you schedule posts in Tailwind and then you get a notification when it’s time to post. I am well aware that this is more an issue with Instagram not allowing direct posting from apps (although apparently this is changing) rather than an issue with Tailwind. This just didn’t work with my lifestyle, meaning I don’t think it would be an issue for everyone.

All that being said, I do recommend trying out the free trial to see if it’s a good fit for you! What have you got to lose? And who knows, maybe in the future when I have the extra money to spend I will upgrade and start using it again!

Introducing Tailwind's Instagram Hashtag Finder

In Conclusion…

If there’s anything you take away from this post, it’s that I 100% recommend trying out Tailwind‘s free trials for both Pinterest and Instagram if you’re looking to grow engagement and increase traffic to your website! You get to try them 100% free, so there’s nothing to lose, and then you can choose whether or not to upgrade your account. Generally, I recommend Tailwind for Pinterest over Tailwind for Instagram based on functionality and how often you’ll use it (and how big of a time saver it is). Don’t have a website to schedule posts for but would like one? Check out my post Start a Blog: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to learn the step by step process of setting up a WordPress website.

This is my own personal experience with using Tailwind. If you want more information, Tailwind has written articles about The Typical Results of Tailwind for Pinterest Members and The Typical Results of Tailwind for Instagram Members.

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