With March coming to a close and Spring upon us, many of us are searching for a renewed sense of self. We’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, helping us to feel hopeful of something good to come. A fresh start, of sorts. In spirit of this, I have rounded up the top 10 blogs that I have been frequently reading that I feel will be beneficial for you!The top 10 blogs every millennial woman needs to read - A Daynna Life

1. Making Sense of Cents

There is a reason I’m listing this one as number one in my list of the top 10 blogs. Not only is it incredibly informative and interesting to read as an entrepreneur, but I think the information on this blog could honestly be applied to pretty much everyone. Michelle started Making Sense of Cents after graduating and having a lot of student debt. As someone who worked in the financial services industry, she is an expert of many finance related topics. Her blog features articles about budgeting, paying off debt, living a frugal life, ways to make extra income, travel (her and her husband travel full-time!), blogging tips, and much more!

Michelle also has an online course called Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, which has amazing reviews and is a wonderful investment for bloggers and other online influencers. I am planning to take the course in 2017 and am incredibly excited about it! Michelle is one of the main influencers who inspired me to start my blog. I took her How to Start a Blog Free Email Course, which I found incredibly helpful. She is an inspiration and someone who I look up to and respect in the blogging world. I absolutely recommend checking out her blog. You can find her blog, Making Sense of Centshere.

2. Gen Y Girl

Let me just throw this out there: I LOVE THIS BLOG. Gen Y Girl was one of the first blogs I found that focused on millennial lifestyle (aka the niche that I categorize my blog as) and I actually became obsessed. There have been a couple of times that I’ve just moved from article to article, trying to take in everything I could. As someone going through somewhat of a career crisis (please see Career Confusion: Quarter Life Crisis Confessions and Taking a Chance: Quarter Life Crisis Confessions for further details on that), I’m pretty hooked on anything having to do with improving your career path, which is why this blog is featured on my top 10 blogs round up.

Kayla started Gen Y Girl after spending a large amount of time in the corporate world and is passionate about assisting young professionals in the beginning of their career through their first few years in the work force. She states on her about page “I want young people everywhere to find meaningful work that they love”. Kayla is also a super lovely person, which I have discovered through being a member of her Facebook community! In addition to career advice, Kayla also writes about finance, blogging, productivity, and even has a page dedicated to “Boss Lady Quotes”. Definitely take the time to check out Gen Y Girl, which you can find here.

3. Living Well Spending Less

I actually found Living Well Spending Less through Michelle at Making Sense of Cents (mentioned above). Michelle sent out an email newsletter that mentioned Elite Blog Academy, which is how I found Ruth and her blog Living Well Spending Less. This is another blog that I feel is applicable to everyone. It never hurts to save money where you can, right? Ruth began her journey into blogging after experiencing out of control spending habits that became highly problematic. She began blogging as an outlet and found her creativity through this outlet. Ruth writes on her about page “My mission here at LWSL is to eliminate overwhelm and make your life just a little bit easier”. Content on her blog is categorized into posts about money, food, home, and general life.

In addition to Living Well Spending Less, Ruth is also the founder of Elite Blog Academy, and all in one course for improving your blog (you can read more about it here). A lot of bloggers have taken the course and speak extremely highly about it. I hope to take the course in 2018 if everything works out. As you can see, Ruth is an incredible entrepreneur and is definitely someone who I would consider a role model. Her email newsletters have been incredibly helpful to my blogging process and I couldn’t recommend more that you check out both of her websites. You can find Living Well Spending Less here.

4. GenTwenty

Another blog in my top 1o blogs round up that’s dedicated to those in their 20s, GenTwenty was founded by two friends, Nicole and Gina, who aimed to break the myths of being a 20-something and providing support to others during this crazy decade. To me, GenTwenty has a strong community feel. It has since grown and now has a team of contributing writers that provide valuable and relatable content. The posts are categorized as self-development, career, finance, and health, featuring an incredible variety of content within those.

I love GenTwenty because it provides numerous different voices by different contributors. As a blog focusing on helping people through their 20s, this is a great way to feature a broad spectrum of different perspectives on a variety of topics. If you are in your 20s, this blog has incredibly valuable and inspiring content. This is a major transition time in our lives, and it’s definitely a positive experience to be a part of this community! You can check out GenTwenty here.

5. Miss Millennia Magazine

Although this is more like a magazine than a blog, I felt the need to include Miss Millennia Magazine. Again, much of the content here is focused on the millennial demographic. There are posts about almost anything you could think of, including career advice, college related content, relationships, friendship, finance, health and beauty, travel, and so much more! This is a great resource for millennial women looking for a website that includes posts about a little bit of everything. Check out Miss Millennia Magazine here.

6. The Confused Millennial

I’d like to start this one with my favourite quote fro Rachel, the founder of The Confused Millennial, fro her about page: “I decided to start TCM to help all the other Netflix junkies, hopped up on caffeine, trying to figure out this whole ‘adult’ thing”. Girl, YES, these are my people! Rachel founded her blog after finding herself miserable in what she thought was her dream job (can also relate on a spiritual level LOL).

The aim for The Confused Millennial is to create a community for all of the confused millennials out there (aka people like me) to connect and support each other. Are we sensing a theme here? It’s just so great to feel like you’re a part of something with people going through similar things! Content includes but is not limited to career advice, finance, relationships, blogging, entertainment, fashion, beauty, motivation, mental health, travel, and much more. You can find The Confused Millennial here.

7. TwinsMommy

This one may seem a little bit unexpected if you’ve never checked it out. I don’t have children, nor do I particularly have any plans to have them anytime soon. HOWEVER, I absolutely love TwinsMommy, particularly her posts related to blogging. I originally found this blog on Pinterest when I found I was pinning quite a few posts from it. Elna founded TwinsMommy after having twins. She is a millennial mom who puts her children first and still manages to write for her blog, as well as other platforms.

Although I am not a mother, I find Elna inspiring in her ability to balance all of her responsibilities as a mompreneur. As I mentioned before, her blogging advice is absolutely incredible. In addition, she also writes about being a mompreneur, productivity, life with twins, and more! If you are a mom who is looking to become a mompreneur, a blogger looking for excellent tips, or someone just looking for an inspiring role model to follow, TwinsMommy is definitely a blog you don’t want to miss! Check it out here.

8. Sweet Success Society

So I just discovered this one a few days ago through meeting the founder, Erin, in a Facebook blogging group! First of all, she’s a hella cool girl with an amazing spirit. Totally my kind of people. Erin started Sweet Success Society with the intention of helping millennial women who aspire to be successful and find passion and purpose in order to live amazing lives. It’s an amazingly open platform and talks about things we’re too afraid but need to talk about without filter. Categories on the Sweet Success Society blog include career and entrepreneurship advice, blogging tips, finance, wellness, finding passions and purpose in life, as well as some awesome #girlboss inspiration. While I am new to the community, I’m looking forward to discovering even more about this already fantastic blog! I definitely recommend checking out Sweet Success Society, which you can find here.

9. The Everygirl

This is another one stop shop for all of your millennial woman needs. The Everygirl aims to inspire young, ambitious women to experience their best life possible. The hope for this is that these women will not only feel inspired, but also take action within their own lives to achieve their highest potential. With a wide variety of content, The Everygirl features posts about careers, finance, culture, fashion, beauty, living, travel, and wellness. With numerous voices featured on the site, there is no lack of inspiration to be had. This is a website for anyone hoping to better their lives and find their place in the world! I love this site mainly because after reading its articles, I feel more motivated and confident in my ability to achieve my goals. Absolutely, I recommend you head over to The Everygirl by clicking here.

10. Career Girl Daily

Last, but definitely not least, Career Girl Daily is an online magazine dedicated to career-minded women. So again, not completely a blog per se, but absolutely still worth mentioning as part of the top 10 blogs round up! With an extensive variety of content, Career Girl Daily talks about career advice, fashion, beauty, food, and all things having to do with the lifestyle of young, ambitious women. This is another website where you can find information about pretty much anything related to our generation, so I definitely recommend checking it out. Career Girl Daily can be found here.Free resource library - A Daynna Life

And so ends my first ever round up post for my top 10 blogs! I’m thinking about doing a post like this once a month on my blog. Let me know if that’s something you would like to see! Also, I want to know what your favourite blogs to follow are! Did I miss any? I’m always looking for new blogs to follow, especially those that are relevant to millennials, so do let me know!

If you’re sad this post is over, have no fear! Head on over to my previous post, A Millennial’s Guide to Jumpstarting Your Career: How To Ensure You Have the Necessary Skills for the Job to learn about an incredible way to quickly and efficiently improve your career skills. Also, don’t miss a chance to gain access to the free resource library, where I frequently add content that will help you in your day to day adulting life!

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