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Woohoo, the first ever guest post on A Daynna Life! I’m so excited to share this incredible post with you regarding the benefits of working out with friends! Because aren’t we all just looking for something to make exercising a little more bearable? Turns out there are tons of benefits. Woodside Health and Tennis Club and Ghergich & Co. teamed up to create a comprehensive, fun way of sharing this information. Specifically, they wanted to share it with you beautiful people! The intro was written by Kaylee White of Ghergich & Co.

I’m beyond enthusiastic about sharing this guest post with you! It’s been a long time coming and I’m glad that you as my community will be able to hear thoughts, ideas, and experiences of other successful millennial women. Guest posting will allow for our community to grow stronger, and I can’t wait to share the wonderful ideas of other incredible women on this platform. 🙂 Now, go on and enjoy!

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Better with Friends: Benefits of Working Out with Other People

There are so many things that are just simply better when you do them with friends. And now there’s something that’s not only better, but better for you, when done with a supportive group: working out.

Exercising with a group of like-minded people, led by someone who has experience in becoming more fit, is a more effective way of getting and keeping you motivated to improve your health. In fact, working out with others can also push you to push your body in ways that you might not do so on your own. Your competitive nature will quickly kick in when you see stronger people in your class—and realize that you can catch up to them.

And when you’re working out with others, being led by someone who is trained to do what they’re doing, you’re less likely to hurt yourself. The focus instead will be on form, on warming up, on cooling down.

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What other benefits are in store for group exercise? Find out with this graphic.

Better with friends: Benefits of working out with other people - A Daynna Life

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